We help our Clients plan and deploy high ROI Internet of Things projects using our IoT Smart Overlay™ Managed Services Solution

Everything is here for your IoT success: Planning, Products, and Process

Using Internet of Things to transform your business is complex and full of risks. Many IoT Projects wind up in the Proof Of Concept failure bucket.  You can avoid failed projects by using our 3-Step Process

 Step #1: Create Your High Return IoT Project Plan


In order to realize a successful IoT project, your organization must have a robust plan based on a methodology that achieves high return business process optimization, drives market differentiation, and provides competitive advantage.

The 4 phase Incite IoT Business Transformation System provides the techniques, tools, and technologies for success. Contact us and we can walk you through how this system will work for your unique situation.

Step #2: Use the Incite IoT Managed Services Solution

The Incite IoT end-to-end IoT Smart Overlay Managed Services Solution provides everything  you need to customize an optimal Internet of Things deployment: Sensors, Edge Devices, Secure Mobile Networks, IoT Software Platform, Cloud Storage and Services, Business Applications and Data Analytics software that will drive your Business Performance Optimization.  The Incite IoT Smart Overlay Platform integrates with your existing Operations Technology and Information Technology as shown in the diagram below.

The Incite IoT Managed Services Solution is truly different – You only pay a per month for your custom end-to end IoT deployment!  No Capital Expenditures, No IoT Integration Issues, No IoT Skills, No Extra Staff, No Maintenance or License Fees, No Headaches…

Step #3: Achieve Your IoT Success Using the IoTtransform Process

This book describes exactly how you and your IoT Project Team can leverage the IoT Business Transformation System to plan and deploy your successful Internet of Things network.  The 4 major processes are explained in detail:

  1. IoTaudit – Solve your business challenges using your IoT Target Outcome, StratGraph, and Tasks Implementation Plan.

  2. IoTblueprint – Select and purchase your IOT technical components, connections, security, data models, and software systems.

  3. IoTdeploy – Deploy your IoT Network – trial, test, scale, data storage, reports & analysis. Utilize IoT Platform as a Service.

  4. IoTtransform – Combine IoT data and legacy data to drive change in your organization for IoT business transformation success.

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“This is the best IoT Solution Set I have found.”

“This is the most comprehensive Internet of Things Solutions suite on the market. We needed to optimize our manufacturing process.  The Incite IoT team provided excellent insights into our situation and helped us to deploy a robust IoT deployment.  We now understand our operations environment and have improved our yields. “

Cliff S – Director Operations Industrial Controls Company