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The Incite IoT complete end-to-end Internet of Things Smart Overlay solution is ideal for IT Managed Service Providers, Control Systems Integrators and Smart Connected Product vendors. IoT represents significant revenue opportunities for your business, but deployments are complex and require many skills and capabilities to successfully deploy.  The Incite IoT Smart Overlay Platform radically jump starts your IoT solutions and puts you ahead of your competition.

“The emergence of IoT is creating new opportunities for outsourcing services markets, from R&D/product engineering to IT outsourcing/managed and BPO services,” said David Tapper, VP of Outsourcing, Managed and Offshore Services at IDC

IT Managed Service Providers – MSPs

MSPs have a potentially big role to play in the IoT movement with literally tens of billions of new devices expected to get connected to cloud networks by the end of the decade.

Some 85% of global organizations surveyed recently said they were considering IoT for their businesses. By the end of this year, about 6.4 billion IoT devices are expected to be in use with the number slated to more than double by the end of the decade.

There’s a huge opportunity for MSPs who can help companies select and build the right cloud infrastructures that store, manage and make sense of the data that will be generated by all these newly intelligent devices and sensors.

However, IoT also presents myriad new targets for attackers seeking to break into networks. While there’s no shortage of headlines about IoT security, many deployments still go forward without taking proper security measures. That becomes especially problematic as more physical objects get integrated into the cloud infrastructure.

One of the potential roadblocks is the multiplicity of IoT standards. That’s an additional challenge as companies seek to ensure that their various IoT implementations can safely communicate with backend services and infrastructures on the cloud.

The MSP map for IoT  

Taking a disciplined and methodical approach will save a lot of needless gnashing of teeth later on. Here’s a simple checklist of what you need to cover when you begin mapping out your client’s progression on their IoT journey.

  • MSPs can start by discussing their clients’ readiness to move into the IoT world.
  • Examine whether security is being built in at the ground floor, starting with necessary integuments of defense such as firewalls, intrusion detection software, identity management, and antivirus software.
  • If not, fill in the gaps before the organization starts adding devices that, if improperly secured, will only jeopardize the network.

IoT security at most organizations now gets managed through the IT department, so MSPs will need to have a conversation with their opposite numbers about everything from standards to employ to choosing the right frequency for monitoring device activities. No detail is too small as any irregular feedback could indicate the presence of a breach in progress.

The road ahead

IoT’s potential impact as a disruptive technology has been likened to that of the development of the Internet.

MSPs can also bring their expertise building networks to bear on building a broader solution, which may require collaboration between manufacturers, software developers, consultants, and other partners. The larger goal will be to ensure that IoT security extends across each device, sensor, operating system, and application in the organization’s ecosystem.

Finding the Opportunity

Where do MSPs enter the picture?

  • What if the end-point sensors go bad?
  • Who is watching all the data collected by the sensors?
  • How can the sensors be integrated with analytics and Big Data systems?

Control System Integrators – CSIs

Several industry studies have indicated that IoT success is going to be driven by Control System Integrators.

 A “New” Customer Base That Needs Education and Support

As many vendors are finding out, the customer base for IoT solutions may not be who they have traditionally calling on–from a few perspectives.

First, many purchasers of IoT solutions are from what we call the Operation Technology (OT) side of the house, as opposed to the Information Technology (IT) side of the house that has traditionally purchased products from these vendors. OT applications have been using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions for years, but they have never really integrated their data into the corporate “whole”–the very definition of IoT.  The OT people purchasing new IoT solutions have no history or relationships with the solution providers and don’t even know who they are.

Second, the solution providers have little direct expertise in the market segments into which they are selling. They may have some knowledge or understanding of the problems and issues, but they have little deep knowledge of the applications and the business.

Smart Connected Product Vendors – SCPs/OEMs

Many product-based companies and Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) are looking to add Internet of Things capabilities in their product offerings.  Significant competetive advantages and market differentiation can be created by adding intelligence, networking connectivity, data collection and data analysis to their products.

The level of technical expertise needed to add IoT capabilities to their products will vary from company to company.  But given the immense technical scope of IOT – sensors, wireless LAN, gateways, mobile networking, security, IoT service platforms, data management and data analysis – almost all companies will need IoT partners and system integration support.

The Incite IoT Smart Overlay is an ideal way for SCPs/OEMs to acquire the missing components for their IoT solution.

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