Connecting Sensors to the Network and Edge Computing

Incite IoT Smart Overlay end-to-end IoT Managed Services Solution includes optional Gateways, Edge Compute and Mobile Devices that serve several important functions in your Internet of Things deployment:

  1. Local connection management to sensors – both wireless and wired.

  2. Local data aggregation, filtering, and connection security

  3. Connection to the Wide Area Network – wireless or wired.

  4. Potential Edge Computing for local data analysis, alerting, and reporting


Cellular Gateway Specifcations:

  • 4G Broadband Wireless with SIM slot

  • WLAN interface

  • ZigBee/LoRa optional

  • GPS optional

  • Ethernet 1x 10/100Mbps

  • 1x RS232 Com Port

  • GPIO – optional 2x Input 2x Output, isolated

  • RTC supported

  • Wide Range Power Input (8-36V)

  • Operating -40C ~ +80C

  • Fan less operation

  • UL, FCC Class B, CE, RoHS Compliance