Internet of Things is a Powerful Business Transformation Solution

The Incite IoT Smart Overlay Managed Services Solution is ideal for Enterprises looking to leverage the Internet of Things for Business Transformation.  Many Enterprises do not have the in-house expertise to successfully plan and deploy an Internet of Things deployment.    The Incite IoT Smart Overlay solution radically jump starts your IoT initiatives to improve your productivity and can put you ahead of your competition.

The Absolutely Most Cost-Effective Solution for IoT Success

  • Simple Monthly Fee – Your custom IoT Smart Overlay is expensed with a monthly subscription
  • No Capital Expenditures – all the equipment and software is included in the monthly fee
  • Significant Cost Savings – IoT Smart Overlay saves 50-70% over Do-it-Yourself deployments
  • Rapid IoT Deployment – Cuts IoT implementation time up to 90%
  • Secure Network – The IoT Smart Overlay exclusively uses a Private Mobile Network with encryption.
  • Reduces Downtime – 24/7 monitoring using a network with 99.79% uptime over 7 years
  • No Added Skills or Staff – Incite IoT helps you configure, install and run your IoT Network.

Let’s Discuss How to Tranform Your Business and Drive Profits