At the completion of your IoTblueprint, you will have documented how all  the sensors, gateways, network connectivity, and software solutions should be assembled.  You now have a very critical (and potentially very expensive) set of decisions to make to realize your IoT deployment.

One of the key outputs of the IoTaudit was your IoT Organizational Maturity model.  This model documented where you have High Skill levels, Moderate skill levels and No skill levels.

The Enviro-Controls IoTdeploy Consulting Program will guide you through your entire IoT Deployment Process. Given your IoT maturity situation, there are one of three paths that the Consulting Program will identify and execute:

  1. Do-it-Yourself – it might be appropriate to attempt to deploy your IoT network completely on your own if your organization has significant IoT technical skills and experience.  There are significant capital costs involved, lengthy integration and test periods, lots of headaches and set-backs (trust us we know!).
  2. System Integration Partner – if your organization has strong to moderate IoT skills and experience you might work with Enviro-Controls as your IoT System Integrator. However, you will have significant capital expenditures and a fully custom IoT network has a much longer build, test and scale time schedule.
  3. Platform as a Service –  no matter your organization’s IoT Maturity level, deploying your IoT network using an IoT PaaS such as the Enviro-Controls IoT Smart Overlay is an ideal solution and has significant advantages over the other two options.

The Advantages of the IoT  Smart Overlay Platform as a Service

  1. Proven IoT Architecture
  2. Integrated IoT components
  3. Proven connectivity
  4. Customized to Unique Requirements
  5. Easy to Administer
  6. Rapid IoT Deployment Time
  7. Easy to Maintain
  8. No Capital Expenditures
  9. Cost Effective Scaling
  10. Creates an IoT Corporate Platform
  11. No Staff additions required
  12. IoT Deployment managed by IT or OT Group

IoTdeploy Program Phase I

All your IoT requirements are identified and the IoT Smart Overlay Platform as a Services is kitted, configured and shipped to your various sites.

IoTdeploy Program Phase II

Your IoT Smart Overlay is installed, administered, initialized, authorized and tested for proper operation. Alarm and Alert scenarios are tested.

IoTdeploy Program Phase III

Your integrated IoT deployment is live.  Data, Alarms, and Alerts  are collected and displayed on the E-C Vista for action and analysis.