Here is Your Guide for Internet of Things Success

This book describes exactly how you and your IoT Project Team can leverage the IoT Business Transformation System to plan and deploy your successful Internet of Things network.  The 4 major processes are explained in detail:

  1. IoTaudit – Solve your business challenges using your IoT Target Outcome, StratGraph, and Tasks Implementation Plan.

  2. IoTblueprint – Select and purchase your IOT technical components, connections, security, data models, and software systems.

  3. IoTdeploy – Deploy your IoT Network – trial, test, scale, data storage, reports & analysis. Utilize IoT Platform as a Service.

  4. IoTtransform – Combine IoT data and legacy data to drive change in your organization for IoT business transformation success.

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Q: How do outstanding companies achieve business optimization and significant market differentiation using the Internet of Things? 

A: They use a structured system to plan, deploy, and drive their IoT success. 

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