Smart Connected Product Vendors – SCPs/OEMs

You have embedded intelligence into your product to realize the  significant revenue opportunities IoT represents for your business. But end-to-end deployments are complex and require unique software and networking skills and capabilities to successfully deploy.  The Incite IoT Smart Overlay Managed Services Solution radically jump starts your IoT offerings and puts you ahead of your competition. The Incite IoT complete end-to-end Internet of Things Smart Overlay solution is ideal for IT  Smart Connected Product vendors.

Competitive Advantages and Market Differentiation

Many product-based companies and Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) are looking to add Internet of Things capabilities in their product offerings.  Significant competetive advantages and market differentiation can be created by adding intelligence, networking connectivity, data collection and data analysis to their products.

The level of technical expertise needed to add IoT capabilities to their products will vary from company to company.  But given the immense technical scope of IOT – sensors, wireless LAN, gateways, mobile networking, security, IoT service platforms, data management and data analysis – almost all companies will need IoT partners and system integration support.

The Incite IoT Smart Overlay is an ideal way for SCPs/OEMs to acquire the missing components for their IoT solution.

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