Incite IoT Smart Overlay™ Managed Services Solution

The best way to add Internet of Things capabilities to your existing enterprise infrastructure is to use the Incite IoT Smart Overlay™ Managed Services Solution. All the of the procurement, complex technology integrations, provisioning, security protocols, and data flows are already integrated.

Your payments are only based on the per month charge for your custom end-to-end IoT deployment! No Capital Expenditures. No Special Skills. No Extra Staff. No Maintenance Fees. No Headaches.

The Incite IoT Smart Overlay is the customized combination of:

  1. Sensors
  2. Edge Devices
  3. Secure Network
  4. IoT Software Platform and Cloud Services
  5. Data Analytics

A simple End-user infrastructure example is shown:

  1. A Factory with existing manufacturing machines with various connections (power, hydraulics, air flow, etc.)
  2. The existing corporate network connecting various factories and other locations to Headquarters
  3. The Headquarters facility with the primary compute servers and data storage. Existing business software applications are hosted here.

A Secure Air-Gapped Scaleable IoT Implementation

This diagram shows the integrated Internet of Things solution using the Smart Overlay.

  1. The Sensors are applied to the manufacturing machines, power connections and hydraulics lines
  2. The Gateway is installed in the factory connecting the wireless sensors  to the Wide Area Network –  M2M wireless or Enterprise broadband
  3. The sensor data traffic is routed through the WAN to the Platform Software that aggregates, filters and aggregates the sensor data insuring secure connections.
  4. The data is stored in the Cloud Services.  IoE application software including mobile apps may run on cloud-based servers.
  5. Business Application Software for IoE Alerting, Monitoring and Analysis may run in the Cloud or on a Headquarters server.
  6. IoE Mobile Applications may be hosted in the Cloud or HQ

The Absolute Best Way to Deploy your IoT Network (no hype)

  • Simple Monthly Fee – Your custom IoT Smart Overlay is expensed with a monthly subscription
  • No Capital Expenditures – all the equipment and software is included in the monthly fee
  • Significant Cost Savings – IoT Smart Overlay saves 50-70% over Do-it-Yourself deployments
  • Rapid IoT Deployment – Cuts IoT implementation time up to 90%
  • Secure Network – The IoT Smart Overlay exclusively uses a Private Mobile Network with encryption.
  • Reduces Downtime – 24/7 monitoring using a network with 99.79% uptime over 7 years
  • No Added Skills or Staff – Incite IoT helps you configure, install and run your IoT Network.